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Pre-Workshop on Emotions in Organizations

Part of the Work Climate in Organizations Workshop at Penn State (May 11-13, 2016) 

Thanks to funding by National Science Foundation (NSF; SoO Division) and Penn State’s Emotions Research Network (ERN)

Main ContactsCell (text or call)Email
Alicia Grandey (Professor; PI) 814-571-5328
Bobby Melloy (Grad student, Conference Coordinator) 732-600-1619
Gordon Sayre (Grad student, Conference Assistant) 609-846-5624  

Goal Statement

In the seminal “affective revolution” in organizations article (Barsade et al., 2003), the authors encouraged researchers to move beyond a focus on the individual experience of emotions, and to consider (1) strategic and automatic discrete emotions, (2) dynamic affect fluctuations (e.g., within-person, day or event-based) and behaviors, and (3) collective emotions (e.g., contagion, team mood, climate). These directions have received some attention but scholars have suggested the same paradigms and methods are being used rather than new approaches moving the field forward (Barsade & Knight, 2015; Grandey & Gabriel, 2015). In order to move forward, we need to theorize and test multi and cross-level and dynamic effects of emotions in organizations.  The goal of this session is to discuss theoretical models currently used and methodological issues. We will reflect on how the affective revolution has advanced our understanding of organizational effectiveness, identify the limitations and unknowns in the current theory and research, and develop novel ways of advancing the field with integrative multi-level theory and dynamic, cross-level methodologies.

Invited Presenters and Participants

  1. Sigal Barsade, Joseph Frank Bernstein Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  2. Daniel J. Beal, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech University
  3. Devasheesh Bhave, Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University
  4. Stéphane Côté, Professor, College of Business, University of Toronto
  5. Jason Dahling, Associate Professor, College of New Jersey
  6. James Diefendorff, Professor, University of Akron
  7. Hillary Anger Elfenbein, John and Ellen Wallace Distinguished Professor, Univ of St. Louis
  8. Allison Gabriel, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
  9. Theresa Glomb, Professor and Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair, University of Minnesota
  10. Markus Groth, Professor, University of New South Wales
  11. Ivona Hideg, Assistant Professor; Wilfrid Laurier University
  12. Andrew Knight, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
  13. S. Douglas Pugh, Associate Professor and Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University
  14. Brent Scott  - Associate Professor, Michigan State University
  15. Thomas Sy, Associate Professor, University of California-Riverside
  16. John P. Trougakos, Associate Professor, Univ of Toronto-Scarborough

Workshop Schedule

Location:  127 Moore




Invited Presentations: Emotions at Work – Multilevel Challenges and Advances



Invited Presentations: Emotions at Work – Multilevel Challenges and Advances



Coffee Break


Facilitated Discussion by Sigal Barsade:

Past, Present and Future of Emotions at Work


Faculty-Student Mentoring


Downtime for presenters