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Motivation and Objectives

Many scholars want to optimize organizational innovation and effectiveness but each discipline tends to have a different approaches and metrics. Engineers tend to focus on optimizing the process (e.g., the resources, procedures and decision-making), psychologists tend to focus on optimizing the people (e.g., the team composition and motivation levels), and business scholars tend to focus on optimizing the organizational context (e.g., leadership, strategy, culture). Although scholars are becoming more aware that process-, people- and context-oriented approaches all matter to organizational effectiveness, this does not mean that they understand how these should be integrated. Moving forward requires cross-disciplinary discussions from scholars across academic silos.

To address this issue, Dr. Alicia Grandey organized a 2-day workshop where emerging and established scholars in the fields of industrial/organizational and social psychology, management/business, as well as mechanical and industrial engineering, came together to exchange ideas and best practices toward interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.